DriDose® is a novel, passive-use, nasal dry powder delivery device (patent granted US, EU, Canada, Japan and China). The proof of principle of this device (pharmacodynamic effect in healthy volunteers) has been demonstrated with a dry powder nasal formulation of a diabetic drug used for the treatment of severe hypoglycaemic reactions.


DriDose® is a platform delivery device applicable to multiple drugs in different therapeutic areas, for both chronic and acute conditions, and is available as a single-use pre-filled device or as a multi-use device with separate cartridges. Therakind is looking for collaborative partners for further development of this device.

Utilisation of the DriDose® platform allows for:

  • Accurate and consistent dose delivery

  • Immediately available dosing 

  • Simple operation

  • Drug delivered as fine dry powder by positive air pressure

    • Patient can be unconscious as inhalation not required

    • Does not require an aerosol

  • Stable drug formulation in dry powder state – refrigeration less likely to be required

To register interest in DriDose® or to discuss future development work please contact