December, 2014

Therakind was yesterday awarded a Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) Healthcare development contract, through the NHS England SBRI Medicines Adherence competition.

The award will enable Therakind to initiate development of a patented novel, reusable intranasal device as an alternative method of drug delivery which should increase treatment adherence of some medicines. With the support provided by the SBRI Healthcare funding, Therakind will be able to complete the initial assessment of technical feasibility and market potential for the device. 

Dr Susan Conroy, Therakind’s CEO, commented:

“We are delighted to receive this funding and to be able to build on our success in this area. We know that 50 per cent of patients with chronic illnesses do not take their medicine as prescribed, often due to difficulties they experience with the dosing regimen. We therefore welcome the opportunity created by this funding to develop a reusable device which should increase medicine adherence and thus provide long term health benefits to these patients. In addition, the use of a reusable device could result in potential benefits for the NHS, in terms of quality improvements and cost savings. ”

Therakind previously received SBRI funding in both 2012 and 2013 to develop a simple device for hypoglycaemia in both adults and paediatric diabetic patients which is expected to be tested in man in Q2 2015. The awards from SBRI have been instrumental in enabling Therakind to develop this product more rapidly than would otherwise have been possible.


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