Dr Susan Conroy PhD

Chief Executive Officer

  • Dr Susan Conroy has been a director in Therakind since its inception.

  • She is an experienced pharmaceutical manager with over 15 years in the sector, specialising in the identification, evaluation, management and commercialisation of pharmaceutical and biotechnology projects.

  • As Chief Executive of Therakind, Susan leads the company’s strategy, identifying and negotiating key agreements and commercial opportunities as well as leading the day-to-day operations of the company. She brings the execution skills and discipline required to develop Therakind’s commercial potential, ensuring that trials and other milestone events are completed on time and budget.

  • With a PhD in Molecular Biology and post-doctoral research in oncology at University College London, Susan moved into industry.

  • Following several years of clinical trial work she moved into evaluating and commercialising potential and existing research/development projects in multiple pharmaceutical areas.

  • She then became a self-employed consultant specialising in maximising scientific value to early start up programmes and an independent funding assessor of university start-up projects, prior to establishing Therakind.

  • She has also worked as a consultant covering technology transfer, medical affairs and commercial exploitation of existing products.