Children are not small adults


Parents and doctors with a critical need for children’s medicine are restricted to very few paediatric products that have been tested in children and are authorised and available to them on the market.  Consequently they have no alternative other than to use drugs that have been tested only on adults, posing significant risks:

  • Estimating dosages on an off-label basis may cause adverse reactions and unintended harm.

  • Evidence suggests that calculating doses according to body size is inadequate and could cause damage to the functions and maturity of organs such as brain, liver and kidney.

  • Under-dosing leading to lack of efficacy.

  • The effects of medicines on the body (pharmacodynamics) and/or the effects of the body on medicines (pharmacokinetics) may be different in children.


Therakind’s objective is to increase the availability of authorised paediatric medicines and ensure that children's medicine used today is both safe and effective.

Other Specialities

Improving Adherence

In recent years, Therakind has identified further market gaps where there is a lack of products which address the needs of specific populations, e.g. the elderly and those with chronic or rare diseases. This is generally observable where patients are unable to adhere to the medical regimen.

It is estimated that between a third and a half of prescribed and dispensed medicines (e.g. capsules, tablets, liquids, ointments and inhalers etc) are not used as recommended. Non-adherence and underuse of medicines represents a loss to patients, the healthcare system and society at large.


Thus, our focus has expanded to speciality products per se.