Therakind's focus is on developing medicines in often overlooked patient populations, such as children, elderly, and patients with rare diseases and cancers.

Therakind continues to expand its platform of authorised products, in collaboration with a number of partners, using a range of business models. Therakind is seeking partnerships that can utilise extensive in-house development expertise.

Marketing opportunity

Jylamvo® is an EMA authorised oral liquid methotrexate, a cytotoxic oncological / immunosuppressant product. Therakind is looking for additional partners to market this product in US, China, Japan, parts of the EU, and ROW.


DriDose® is a novel, passive-use, nasal dry powder delivery device (patent granted US, EU, Canada, Japan and China). The proof of principle of this device (pharmacodynamic effect in healthy volunteers) has been demonstrated with a dry powder nasal formulation of a diabetic drug used for the treatment of severe hypoglycaemic reactions. DriDose® is a platform delivery device applicable to multiple drugs in different therapeutic areas, for both chronic and acute conditions, and is available as a single-use pre-filled device or as a multi-use device with separate cartridges. Therakind is looking for collaborative partners for further development of this device.



Therakind also provides consultancy in clinical and regulatory strategy for niche medicines in paediatric and other special populations.

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